LARZ WORKMAN is a disillusioned children’s book illustrator struggling to survive in New York City. Estranged from his family and avoiding his sister's phone calls, he finds himself on thin ice with his BOSS after failing to deliver on a character design. When given a final chance to redeem himself, a rare spark of inspiration places his pencil to paper and he scribbles his best work yet. Then the unthinkable happens. His unfinished masterpiece, SCRIBBLES, springs off the page, splattering his
monochrome world with color. He’s pushed to the edge of sanity when he discovers that only he can see her and attempts to control his unruly creation as she strives to unblock him in his artistic and personal life. SCRIBBLES is a dark comedy with fantastical elements that explores depression, isolation and human connection, and ultimately, the link between our creativity and wellness.